Capabilities Statement

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NEMT 1st. Class Transportation, LLC provides transportation services to adult individuals who have a primary developmental disability diagnosis. These individuals will have a developmental disability diagnosis with some mild to moderate mal-adaptive behaviors and may also have some problems with sound judgment and appropriate social interactions. We not only provide safe, clean, and comfortable transportation environment to these consumers but also offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere as the consumers ride to and from their daily activities. At NEMT 1st. Class Transportation, LLC, our mission is to empower passionate people to provide quality access to human and health care services through technology, innovation, and community partnerships while meeting commitments to our stakeholders.

Core Competencies
Our relationships with our consumers, members, and the community are the foundation of our business, and compassion, respect, and a human touch in all we do is the reason more counties trust us over any other contractors. We value our consumer’s relationships with a heightened sense of responsibility that makes NEMT 1st. Class Transportation, LLC the long-term vendor of choice. Providing quality service has been our hallmark since our foundation. We’ve serviced thousands of specialized trips for consumers. We care about quality service — and we demand and deliver it with every call, every interaction, and every ride.